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Proximity Engagement Solution

Zoniz is an interactive platform that allows you to connect with tourists in a relevant way, by sending them content at the right location.

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Create Guided Tours

Link different attraction to take the tourist step by step through different trails

Highlight Attractions

Use info and video campaigns to showcase popular or hidden landmarks

Organise Contests

Use photo contests, scratch cards and other mechanisms to create buzz

Include Restaurants & Hotels

Zoniz has complete solutions for the hospitality industry including digital menus and app ordering, stock management and reservations

Promote events

Help tourists discover fun events and activities at their destination, all displayed in a convenient calendar

Ask for feedback

Use polls to ask visitors how their experience was so you can improve it

How it works?

1. Create content

Use predefined templates to create engagement campaigns.

2. Reach your audience

The tourists will use a mobile app to receive the content you have created, based on their location.

3. Analyze audience & statistics

Get real-time statistics with campaign results and audience behavioural data.

Why choose Zoniz?

Creative Guided Tours

Personalize outside and inside tours by linking different type of content or using gamification to make them more fun

Relevant information

Help people discover hidden landmarks by telling them about POIs as they walk past them

Events and activities

Use a calendar and push notifications to let people know what happens around them

Involve local institutions or businesses

Museums or restaurants can have their own space inside the app for all their content

Incentives for visitors

Offer discount vouchers to attract tourists to different locations

Better engagement

Create fun competitions or ask for feedback using interactive templates

Case Studies

Reviving tourism during social distancing with a proximity app

Tourism has been through some difficulties this year, but now it is time for the industry to find solutions and revive it. Sona app in Faroe Islands is a proximity app based on Zoniz platform that has taken the first steps in motivating people to discover their landmarks again [...]

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Enhancing events experience with an interactive app

Our interactive app Sona was used in Faroe Islands for enhancing the experience of local events: music festivals, sport competitions, international events or traditional holidays. Sona is the perfect engagement tool for event organizers because [...]

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How do I start?

Tell us about your city, send us some photos and we will create a personalised demo for you!